5 Quick Energy Boosters for Moms

Posted on Fri, Apr 27, 2012

If new baby-care was an Olympic event, only the most elite atheletes would qualify. Are you one of them? These pick-me ups for exhausted moms can help you feel better―FAST!

Kick back and relax: Try not to stand for more than ten minutes a time in two weeks after delivery. This is the time for you to recover while getting to know your new baby. This means no dishes, laundry, or cooking. If your home is upside down and you're eating take out most of the time, so be it. You need to recover.

Eat a well balanced diet: Breastfeeding women need an extra 300 calories a day to keep their energy levels up. Even if you're not nursing, it's easy to undereat, specially if you're trying to lose the post-pregnancy weight. Give yourself some time before going into a strenous diet or weight loss program, your body needs to recover.

Got calcium: Even after pregnancy, your body still needs a daily dose of at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium to rebuild mineral stores. This will help restore your energy levels as your body's nutrients are being balanced. If you don't like supplements, compliment your daily calcium intake with milk, yogurt, hard cheeses like cheddar; or soy milk to increase absorption.

energy booster for moms

Get moving: Once you're past the recovery stage (6-8 weeks postpartum), try gentle workouts, like walking or yoga. While medium to hard aerobic exercise, like Zumba or interval trianing, is best for fighting fatigue, your body is still balancing and you don't want to push your workout routines too fast too soon. Enjoy a walk with a friend or your loved one, any gentle activity can help.

Make sleep a priority: Excessive fatigue is not due to lack of sleep but also lack of uninterrupted sleep. Aim for longer naps and sleeptime by drafting your partner to help―let him take over one night of feeding, ask him to watch the baby during the day for half an hour to an hour for a quick nap. Make sure to incorporate your partner in your baby's daily life, daddy-baby time is just as important as the connection between your baby and you. Single mother? Ask a friend or family to help.

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