It's all about the "GRAY"

Posted on Wed, May 09, 2012

It's hard to find a gray that is not too cold or clashes with other other colors and finishes. That's why Baby's Dream Furniture has taken the time to evaluate different understones and shades of gray; as a result, the new "Vintage Gray" finish was born. Baby's Dream "Vintage Gray" is the perfect blend of modern and contemporary. Currently available for the Everything Nice Collection and Legendary Collection, the new "Vintage Gray" finish is unique and sophisticated yet warm and cozy.

Vintage Gray Finish

There's no denying gray is becoming a huge trend in the baby industry. But gray has come into its own as a chameleon-like color; able to be urban or rural and cool or warm, depending on it's undertones and textures. With so many new gray finishes available, it can be hard to make a choice. It doesn't have to be so overwhelming:

1. Warm nursery: If you're trying to achieve a warm feel to your nursery, pair your baby furniture with pinks, purples, pastels, aad neutral tones (brown, gold, beige). For a brighter yet still warm nursery, pair it with country green or rustic orange.

2. Cool nursery: If what attracts you is the opposite, and you prefer a cooler feel to your baby's nursery, include shades of blue, greens, silver, white, and black.

No matter your choice, make sure whatever colors you choose compliment your baby's furniture by accenting it. The last thing you want to do is create a hostile nursery for your baby. Your baby's nursery must be a soothing, comfortable and harmonious space. Take a look below at Baby's Dream Furniture's combinations in the last ABC Showcase in Las Vegas, NV for more ideas.

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 Vintage Gray Finish in Generation Next and Legendary Collections

Vintage Gray Finish & Snowdrift Finish

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