Baby’s Dream Exclusive Safety-Gate Cribs

Posted on Mon, Dec 24, 2012

Do you want a crib that provides some of the highest safety standards by CPSC and JPMA? Well look no further, this style of crib is only found at your local independent baby retailer. What is it? The Safety-Gate Crib, a patented crib made only by Baby’s Dream Furniture. This kind of crib provides safer and easier access solutions to many families. 

Cribs start at $499 with options to choose different colors and designs. All cribs and matching case pieces are made from 100% solid Radiata Pine and built in Buena Vista, GA.


1. Now what exactly is the Safety-Gate Crib?

It’s a crib that has a top portion that will fold down. This top portion is anywhere from 6-9” tall and when folded down creates much easier access to baby at all stages of infancy to toddler.

2. How Does It Work?

Push in the finger latch on both the left and right side at the same time to fold the gate down quietly. When the gate is closed and in the up position, the gate is safely locked closed.

3. The Benefits to a Safety-Gate Crib:

Added Safety

  • Safety-Gate Cribs require the arm span of an adult to opLegendary Safety Gate Curve Top Snowdrifterate, adding safety by preventing other small children from accessing the baby
  • Once in place the safety-gate locks closed
  • Babies are less able to climb out, due to the extra height the gate provides
  • A beveled hinge prevents fingers from getting pinched

Easier Access to Your Baby

Legendary Curve Top Safety Gate in Snowdrift with Gate Down
  • Up to 9 extra inches makes it easier to reach into crib to put baby in bed or change sheets. Most helpful between ages 1-2 when a child weighs 20-25 lbs and the mattress is at the lowest level
  • Benefits everyone, especially shorter parents, C-section moms, and grandparents
  • Put baby to sleep Hands-Free-Gate will already be down when returning with sleeping baby

Saves You MoneyLegendary Safety Gate Curve Top Snowdrift Toddler Bed

  • Free Youth Bed Conversion! All safety gates transform into a toddler bed rail at no extra cost. (Savings of at least $89) 

Longer Time in the Crib

  • Your baby can stay in the crib an extra 6-8 months, due to the additional height of the gate which is 7 to 10 inches.

Buy your Baby's Dream Safety-Gate Crib and enjoy all the benefits! Please visit your local retail store for more information or by visiting this link.



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