A Peek Inside Baby's Dream Production

Posted on Thu, Mar 11, 2010

Come with me, I'm going to walk you through some of the steps we take to produce our nursery furniture, hopefully giving you a glimpse into the quality, safety, and care used throughout our production.   

1. Our manufacturing process begins all the way at the beginning, deep in the forests of Chile, South America, where we harvest the wood used to make our products.  We work to provide a healthier and safer environment. trees  For every tree used in our manufacturing process two are replanted in its place. We care about sustainability and future generations and place a strong emphasis on sustaining more than 2,000 acres of forests. 

2.  Our wood is handpicked from areas in Southern Chile where cold long winters produce pine trees that are stronger and the most durable.










3. After going through our own rough mill process to remove branches, bark, etc each piece of wood is cut and is hand picked for the best possible quality. Lumber that has large knots or unattractive qualities are removed and recycled. 


4. Pieces then go through the mill to become smooth and begin the process of being transformed from raw wood into drawer fronts, crib posts, dresser tops, and more.

Chile rough mill









5. Intricate details, such as the curved posts on Generation Next (shown here) are carved into pieces by hand or with programmed machines.

Chile plantChile plant 

6. Before finishing takes place, crib parts are pulled from the production line and assembled to ensure quality control and that cribs assemble correctly. Crib 2 College crib          Ocean drop gate crib 

7. Non toxic and safe finishes and lacquer are applied through multistep processes to ensure each piece is durable and easy to clean. All finishes are oven cured to ensure uniformity and a long lasting beautiful stain.

oven cured baby finish 

8. Parts are then boxed and shipped to the USA for the remainder of the production.  Our factory is located in Buena Vista, Georgia, about 2.5 hours south of Atlanta.  Look for the Georgia Peach logo on our boxes!

Buena Vista Ga

 assembled in USA





9. Parts are hand drilled and constructed into drawers and crib parts.  Many people are amazed that still much of our production is done by hand, not by machines, to ensure that a personal touch and human eye sees each piece at every stage of the manufacturing process.

baby furniture

nursery furniture 







10. Case pieces are fully assembled including corner blocks for added strength, mortise and tennon joints to ensure each piece will last the test of time, and areas where wood fits together are not only glued but also pinned.  Drawer glides and door hinges are all screwed into place and knobs are inserted into drawer fronts.

discount baby furniture

11. Baby's Dream patented "safety-gates" are installed onto crib fronts with this design.

safety gate crib

12. All items are hand wrapped with foam and packaging material.  Our cribs and cases are now ready for delivery with our company owned trucks to your local retailer! 

baby cribbaby changing table






Hope you enjoyed this visual peak inside our manufacturing process!  There are many elements involved and we do recommend shopping for and making your purchasing decisions early on in your pregnancy because sometimes furniture items can take time to make it through the labor intensive process. 

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